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Long Overdue Update!

Thought I should update since a loooong time has passed since I posted last.

I spent about 20 hours on my math issues and ended up acing my finals. I didn’t get a single math question wrong. I did a great big happy dance when I got back my results. It was a hard, painful crawl, but I got there.

This semester we’ve been presented with more math. I’m wandering back in my memory to the information evening when we were told that there wasn’t much math in this course, and not to sweat it.

Uh huh

Since then, several of my class-mates have had a chat with the instructors and brought this to their attention. We really do feel that this was a misrepresentation. Yes, there IS a lot of math. No, for the average recent high school grad with good marks in math it isn’t particularly challenging math. BUT, it does exists, it will challenge at least 35% of the students and this should be expressed in order to help people better prepare if they decide to take the program.

That aside…

Christmas was lovely, but the snow stopped R. from joining me at my family’s for the holiday. That was not such a happy thing but what can you do? We did take a lovely holiday together a few weeks ago, and that was a nice break.

I finally attended a play party again, after far too long and got a wonderful treat. My precious friends treated me to a birthday surprise, and coaxed the kitten out to play.

Things have been so busy and I’ve been so stressed and tired that I find it hard to think about kink or playing right now. I hadn’t planned on letting the kitty out but I’m glad that my friends encouraged me. I was in photographer-headspace, but the kitty was definitely there as well. I also got some amazing photos of one of the most well-loved members of our local community and I have lots of good material to work on…when time allows. I really thank her for allowing me to capture such an playful suspension scene.

Off to do some chores today and then some homework. Thought I should update. Sorry it wasn’t juicier but sometimes life just pushes things to the side for the time-being. I’d like to believe the appetite for play and kink will come back when the stress of changing careers eases up.


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